Personal Brand Story



I remember my first day of middle school in a brand new school I wore my crisp new uniform paired with my favorite black loafers. Apparently there was an Air Jordan memo, sent out that I did not receive. I spent the next two years of middle school being the “lame girl”. By the time I started high-school I realized something profound, I could change people’s ideas and perceptions of me by portraying and perpetuating certain ideas and in this case a certain “look”. Because of my inability to identify myself with the popular Air Jordan brand, I was out-casted. This was the beginning of my fascination with the concept of branding. Eventually, I became really interested in learning how big brands and corporations do this.

Fortunately, I am of mixed background. My father is from the Ivory Coast a West African country, while my mother comes from the North -Morocco. Being of a mixed culture I literally have to perfect my skills in communication every single day through language, and cultural customs. Growing up in between cultures my entire life has helped me sharpen my skills and ways I communicate and understand different ideas. This has also helped me understand and better handle globalization in terms of Public Relations.

Career-wise I have always wanted to join the P.R fields as a sort of consultant for big brands and companies. I enjoy the story telling and brand development side of P.R. I found myself delving in to P.R related tasks throughout high-school. I graduated high-school having created my own personal brand. I built this brand around what I stood for and my personal beliefs. I am a fulltime lifestyle blogger and influencer who reaches her audience mainly through my social media platforms. My work on my personal brand has landed me in places I would never have imagined to be. I was apart of a social media campaign with The Colored Girl Inc, a creative agency dedicated to creating campaigns that use beauty and fashion as tools of change to celebrate, empower and unite women, by bringing awareness to the myriad of experiences of all women. I was also featured in Essence Magazine’s Snapchat story highlighting my personal story and mission. And lastly I was able to represent Muslim women all around the world in a social media campaign with an international makeup brand- Makeup Forever! I am ready and equipped to create the same opportunities I created for myself, for other brands and corporations.

My extensive research on other brands and businesses has helped me create a blueprint for my own. One of my favorites being a young woman name Asiyami Gold who is a photographer and creative art director and self-proclaimed storyteller. Her media kit includes her work with the likes of Cosmopolitan, GAP, J. Crew and so many more. The other is a street wear duo named “Street Etiquette”, composed of two young men named Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. These two men are creative storytellers. They do this mainly with photography and conceptual videography work. However, they have helped brands including Nike, Adidas, G-Star Raw, and Lacoste with everything from brand development and consultation to design direction and creative advertising.

Street Etiquette in particular got the opportunity to create and curate content for Adidas Athletic Range of 2015. Traveling to Tokyo to shoot the Real Madrid soccer team for Adidas proved to be a bit of a challenge due to time constraints and location. However, Street Etiquette was able to capture shots that spoke to the essence of the campaign itself -On The Move. They made careful decisions about location and product shots that all contributed to creating the image and story behind the players of the team and Adidas as an Athletic brand.

My passion for enhancing brands and organizations through brand development, crisis communication stem from my extensive research and experience with online social web content management. I thrive in fields where I can create stories and alter narratives, specifically online. This passion of mine I believe will greatly assist me in P.R and branding fields in entertainment corporations such as Comcast, Viacom, and Sony. I find that these corporations and agencies will benefit greatly from employees like myself who are capable of developing and elevating brands and organizations effectively and creatively in our multi-cultural society. I am ready and equipped to exercise my skills and research in these fields.



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